Moll's map collection

The choice to create a separate web-site for the Moll collection is due primarily to its unique and compact nature, which quite accurately reflects the composition of the collection designed by Bernhard Paul Moll himself in the mid-18th century and illustrates the nature of collecting at that time. In the current online library catalogue, this structure would have completely disappeared. Thanks to the digitisation of the entire file, including the manuscript catalogues, users may link Moll's original records with the maps and their individual parts in the future.

The ambition of the site is not only to offer a service to a narrow circle of specialists, but to appeal to all people interested in cartographic production of the past centuries. Especially with regard to these visitors, the site will offer virtual exhibitions of landscape paintings and maps, accompanied by popular texts.

Even less technically skilled users will be able to try simple cartographic applications. One can, using a simple program, attach an old map to a current cartographic work and compare the changes of a particular displayed area over the past centuries.

Moll map collection